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Take a few minutes to see why eXp Realty is among the fastest growing real estate companies in America.

Feel free to try out the Revenue Share Calculator for yourself, you can find it at http://expRevenueShare.com


Hi there, this is Tom Mack

I am sure you have noticed the epidemic of real estate offices closing nationwide. Maybe you have even witnessed it firsthand.

The traditional brick and mortar real estate office is in trouble. The old way of doing real estate – the old business model just can’t compete in today’s real estate market. Those brokerages that refuse to adapt an entirely new business model will die a slow and painful death.

If you’re successful agent and entrepreneur like me – then you will embrace the new technology, new business plan and see the benefit of being a virtual real estate agent.

Would you be open to a different perspective – to seeing if your future in Real estate is in trouble. Or perhaps seeing what the future of real estate looks like. I am not looking to replace your current brokerage – I was just wanting to see if you would be open to a different perspective, one which you may not have now.

The early adopters, those who embrace an entirely new business models and new technologies will be the new millionaires of the coming decade.

eXp Realty is a smart brokerage – and the World’s First Fully Immersive Web 3.0 Real Estate Brokerage

Now eXp Realty is not for everybody. eXp was created by top real estate agents, for top agents.

So if you have been an unproductive agent just dying on the vine – this is probably not for you.

If you need constant hand holding and spoon feeding, this probably isn’t for you. If you are afraid of technology and the new world of marketing then again, this is probably not for you.

But if you are ready to catapult your successful real estate business into the next dimension then keep listening because eXp Realty is the Real Estate Company of the future.

Our mission at eXp Realty is to build an ‘Economy Proof’ business model, get ahead of the ‘Technological Paradigm Shift’, and lead the emerging ‘Real Estate Revolution’.

At eXp the culture is: Virtual, Viral, Efficient, Transparent, Green, Collaborative, Supportive, Professional, Dynamic and Paradigm Shifting .

We Provide multiple income streams, collaborative and persistent education, a paperless cutting edge technology platform, an agent centric environment, mastermind-mapping, business plan coaching, recruiting tools and comprehensive real estate solutions.

eXp Realty is seeking to partner with the best Realtors nationwide.

We empower our agents with the tools and support to sell listings, connect with buyers, and get more clients. Benefit from a unique collaborative learning environment, paperless transaction management system, cutting edge web tools, and online support staff dedicated to your success.

eXp Realty launched in the fall of 2009 as a leader in real estate technology and agent compensation, eliminating the traditional brick and mortar business model and moving towards a true virtual community, that keeps agents in contact with top agents, the best ideas, and technology from around the world. We provide exceptional service to clients in 15 states and we are rapidly growing.

We leverage technology to maximize the efficiency of our agents, provide solid representation to our sellers, and quality service to homeowners and home buyers. We offer online tech, marketing, and transaction support.

Brokers and agents at eXp represent some of the best trained, most experienced real estate professionals in the country. You career will benefit from friendly company splits, weekly live trainings, a collaborative online learning environment, dedicated marketing services, and revenue share growth incentives.

Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp Realty says that “The organized group will always out do the individual genius”

So, what is a Smart Brokerage? eXp Realty is changing the way that agents, staff, and consumers collaborate and work together.

A smart brokerage boosts the efficiency of its Agents through technology, education, and information sharing environments. We use paperless transaction platforms, virtual 3D offices, blogging, and social media. We utilize SEO and cutting edge web tools to capture client market share and pass it along to our agents.

We host XCamp, weekly live classes, on-demand training, and we offer revenue sharing, mentor programs, virtual assistants, a closing department, exit strategies and much more.

eXp Is Revolutionizing What It Means To Be A True National Real Estate Brokerage

eXp Virtual is our online Collaborative 3D Immersive Environment where we hold Regular Meetings, weekly XCamp and educational Classes.

eXp virtual provides real-time access to our Broker and Admin staff, our Transaction, Web Development and Marketing Teams Across the Country and Beyond.

It really is Impossible to explain with words…. You will have to come in and take a tour and see for yourself!

eXp is an Agent Centric Company. At eXp we treat every Agent as if they are their own business.

We want to know how we can help you improve, enhance, and grow your Real Estate practice.

Utilizing business plan writing workshops, accountability techniques and group masterminds, no WHY is too big and no solution is impossible.

We are a company built by Top Agents for Top Agents who are recruiting and training future Top Agents.

Are you asking yourself the TOUGH QUESTIONS?

Are you just doing business or are you Growing a Business?

Are you building something that is Scalable and Tangible?

What is your eXit Strategy from Real Estate?

eXp is the Top Gun School of Real Estate Brokerages

eXp Provides an Integrated Web Marketing Solutions. Our in-house web solution team can host, design, build and enhance your web presence. We provide a free WordPress website for your domain, free hosting and even live weekly workshops.

Since all our team does is real estate websites they understand how to maximize ROI for you as an agent.

Take a look at the past, present, and future of real estate technology. You know where it’s going. The question is can you keep up?

The traditional real estate brokerage has always lagged behind their technology savvy customers. Technology oriented agents are on the right track and will have a head start as we enter the future with a fully immersive 3D Collaborative environment.

It’s time to climb out of the dark ages and jump straight into the Real Estate office of if the future.

No one researches more about change and trends impacting the real estate industry than Stefan Swanepoel author of the Swanepoel Trends Report. In his last publication painted the picture of Charles Darwin’s primary theory superimposed on the subject of the survival of today’s real estate brokerages. He wanted to get agents minds thinking critically about how they should prepare for the real estate industry’s future.

He says “No void remains empty forever, so the question at hand is this: Can today’s existing real estate brokerages re-engineer themselves into the right kind of new company to fill the void being created in the industry today?”

eXp University Is an education environment that allows you to stay in touch and up-to-date on the best information available in the Real Estate Industry. We offer weekly live classes taught by some of the best facilitators in the country. We call it education Thursdays and there are classes starting every hour on the hour all day long.

On-Demand Classes makes it easy to become an expert on any topic, agents can access archived training videos in our On-Demand Training Video Room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

XCamp is our version of a Virtual Re Bar Agent Mastermind held every Monday morning.

New Agent Orientation is a two day real estate boot camp style training for new agents which we hold every other week.

“Education happens everyday inside of eXp Virtual”

Here is this week’s Education Thursdays training schedule:

The Art of the Close, Millionaire Real Estate Agent Series, SEO and Tech Q&A, Legalese and Contract Writing, Being a Totally Paperless Agent, Recruiting and CRM Workshop, Marketing and WordPress and Web Content Strategies.

Best of all these training secessions are recorded and are available for viewing in our On-Demand Training Video Room 24 hours a day.

Consider for a moment eXp’s education cost verse the market.

You receive SEO Coaching, specialized training in Blogging, CRM Training, Real Estate Sales Training, Lead Generation Coaching, Contract Writing Classes, HTML Workshops and Motivational speakers.

You get all this for a yearly tuition of only $420 – which by the way can be deducted from your first commission.

Learn more and pay less at eXp University.

Every Monday morning is XCamp, a weekly “un-conference” where there is no preset agenda and anyone can present and anyone can attend any session. It’s our version of a Virtual RE Bar agent mastermind camp.

Each week, a number of topics are posted to the schedule and attendees can participate in discussion or start a new topic. XCamp is a social way to learn.

Some recent topics included:

Localizing your website – importance of being local for SEO

eXp Listing Presentations

60 things you can do offline to market your Real Estate business

IDX applications (MLS for your website)

Short Sale roundtable

Millionaire real estate agent series – nine ways millionaire agents think

And Google Picasa – Creating photo and video tours for clients

Imagine how exciting this is for our agents every week. If this sounds interesting to you I would be happy to bring you in to Xcamp as my guest one week, give me a call and I will set it up. My number is 888-450-2659.

eXp offers the industry’s best revenue share plan.

We offer two revenue share income streams, they are called eXpansion and eXponential. Revenue share is based on the number of active agents you have personally recruited and their sales volume.

The total potential company revenue share payout is 20%

And the total potential Commission for our Agent is well over 100%

For a detailed discussion of eXp’s Revenue share plan please watch the video titled eXp Realty Revenue Share Plan”

See How We Stack Up Against The Rest…

This is a comparison chart showing how Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Exit and Connect stack up against eXp Realty.

This example depicts an agent’s gross commission income of $40,000, the agents net before bonuses and then what the agent’s income looks like after bonuses and revenue share are calculated.

I will be happy to email this spread sheet to you so you can take a closer look.

John D. Rockefeller said “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts” and that is exactly what the revenue share plan is all about.

eXp offers the Industry’s Best Revenue Share Plan.

Please don’t miss this subtle point, eXp offers Revenue sharing which is very different from Profit sharing. In Revenue sharing you receive a percentage of the revenue, profit sharing you get a little piece of what is left over after all of the company expenses are paid. There’s a big difference.

Our revenue share calculator will allow you to estimate your own potential income as you plug in the number of agents you personally recruit.

Feel free to try out the Revenue Share Calculator for yourself, you can find it at http://expRevenueShare.com

Let’s take a close look at eXp’s Commission Splits, Fees and Tuition. The compensation plan is pretty simple. There are no franchise fees and no desk fees.

The commission split is 80/20 on all transactions up to the $16,000 yearly cap at which point you are eligible to receive 100% commissions. By the way our $16,000 yearly cap is the lowest in the industry.

A single $50 monthly fee takes care of all the tech tools and toys. The Tech-Tools package includes a full blown CRM, paperless pipeline, personal 800 number and fax line, Google Apps, company email, WordPress Hosting, access to our virtual office space and more.

There is a $25 per transaction broker review fee. Sign up Fee is only $99 which includes your first months Tech Fee, Biz Cards and Presentation Folders.

Tuition to eXp University ($420) can be paid from your first closing and includes enrollment into an unlimited number of classes, Weekly Live Classes and Workshops, On Demand video library containing hundreds of hours of recorded training, Xcamp training and more.

You even get keys to the eXp virtual offices which is the pinnacle of a collaborative work environment. You can log in and get your work done from anywhere and have access to top agents, eXp faculty and staff across the globe.

Come hear amazing guest speakers, guru’s and pioneers from the real estate industry, financial word and social media eXperts.

The end result is lower costs for agents, teams and small boutique brokerages looking to stay in business in this new economy. eXp puts the money back in your hands.

eXp Realty provides its agents with many high tech tools at a fraction of the cost of acquiring them individually.

Real Futures CRM provides access to your clients and prospects through an intuitive online interface. Manage multiple mailing lists and follow up campaigns. Hundreds of pre designed email templates and marketing campaigns are available.

Paperless Pipeline is a collaborative online transaction management system. Every detail of every transaction is at your fingertips 24 hours a day. The document management system allows you to truly be a paperless agent.

Telaplace is our Web Conferencing Platform. It provides an immersive 3D environment for education, collaboration and communication. Get in touch with me and I will be happy to take you for a tour.

Website hosting is included. The eXp cloud server is super fast and reliable. My state property search website and personal real estate blog are both hosted there for free.

We also offer a team collaborative blogging platform, company leads, online coaching and more.

The Paperless Transaction Management system organizes and tracks all of your transaction.

This provides a three-way communication between Broker, Agent and Admin staff via notifications and Tasks.

You can share viewing permission with your Clients, Title and Escrow Companies, Lenders and Inspectors without having to print out, fax, email or forward documents. This system eliminates the time wasting paperwork juggling that used to consume us.

Being paperless reduces costs and increases efficiency for both the office and our agents.

Here’s a shot of our revenue share tracking system

This is your database for agent tracking and compensation. You can easily Track down-line hierarchy, Track down-line transactions, view up-line and Agent contact Info and your view your personal transactions.

Revenue Share Payouts are Direct Deposited Monthly

eXplosive Lead Generation Program. Imagine what you could do with your own personal lead generation program.

Attract Consumers to you via our Collaborative Blogging Platform for free and boost your own internet presence by taking advantage of our Integrated web solutions team. These guys set up our sites and they are dynamite.

eXp also offers a company lead generation program where you can work with our national lead manager to convert opportunities from our Top Ranked Company Websites and Top Flight Lead Capture Systems.

We were all new in the business as some point and eXp’s collaborative learning environment and persistent training  and mentor program may be just what you need to jump start your career.

With the eXp Mentor Program, new agents shouldn’t have to wait 3 to 6 months and spend tons of their own money marketing themselves just to get in their first deal.

The Mentor Program is for newly licensed agents who have done less than 6 transaction or want to be a part of the company lead program. They will be paired with a Senior eXp agent who will help them get off to a fast start.

The Mentor Program is also be a great for Senior Agents who are looking for an additional streams of income and are willing to help out new agents get accustomed to our system and our eXp Culture. 10% of a new agents first 5 transactions will go to the Mentor as an incentive to help them get started.

In Summary, eXp Realty is the realization of a virtual and viral real estate company.

eXp Realty is meeting the challenge of reproducing the benefits of personal interaction without the high costs and overhead typical found with traditional bricks and mortar real estate companies.

eXp Realty uses a collaborative and persistent learning environments to ensure that we ride on the edge of the Technology Wave and the Continuous Flow of what is working in the Real Estate Industry today.

eXp Realty is a company created by Top Agents, for Top Agents who will recruit and train Future Top Agents.

eXp Realty’s Recruiting and Compensation package is the best in the industry and it allows for everyone to be in effect their own team leader.

Our eXpectation is to offer the highest ROI to our agents while providing them the best training and tools to succeed both on and off the web.

Here are 11 great reasons why agents are joining eXp

  1. 80/20 Split with the potential to earn well over 100%
  2. Low Company Cap
  3. No Franchise Fees or Desk Fees
  4. The Industry’s Most Aggressive Revenue Share Program
  5. Learn Relevant Social Media and SEO Lead Generation Strategies
  6. Weekly Live Coaching, Education Classes, and XCamp
  7. 24/7 Access to Brokers, Agents, and Staff via our 3D Virtual Office
  8. Agent Tech Tools: CRM, E-fax, Website, and Paperless Platforms
  9. Online Access to All Transactions
  10. Learn to be a Green Agent with a Low Carbon Footprint
  11. We Support Local Social Events, BarCamp, and Networking Events
  12. And a bonus twelfth reason – It’s FUN!

eXp is the prefix for real estate.

You can eXpect: eXperience, eXposure, eXpedience

And I invite you to eXplore eXp Realty

Thank you for watching.

If you would be open to learning more about eXp or even joining me for one of our Xcamps please give me a call. I will be honored to have you join me as my guest.

My phone number is 888-450-2659 or shoot me an email tom.mack@exprealty.com

It’s been a pleasure sharing my passion with you; I hope you have a beautiful and rewarding day.