eXp Realty Recruiting

eXp Realty Recruiting

One of the best ways to grow your real estate practice and set up a valuable retirement plan is through eXp Realty’s Revenue Share Plan.

Read more about eXp Realty Revenue Share Plan Explained then check out the eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator and finally for a quick overview of all eXp Realty has to offer please watch this video eXp Realty Explained Video.


So where do you start with recruiting?

I was sitting with an prospective agent the other day and after explaining the eXp Revenue Share Plan he said “it sounds like a multi-level marketing company.” I had to think for a moment because i had never thought of that before and since he brought it up I am sure someone else may be thinking the same thing.

Here’s the problem, the MLM model has you going to your family and friends and trying to get them to join in and start selling the product. They try to make a vitamin salesman out of a fireman, a diet drink salesman out of an insurance agent and a soap salesman out of a warehouse worker. See the problem?

eXp Realty is helping successful Real Estate agents do what they do best by equipping them with cutting edge tools and over the top compensation. The only people we ever talk with are successful agents and once they see what we have to offer it’s easy for them to make a decision. I will tell you it’s not for everyone. Those who see the vision are quick to jump on board and are the early adopters. These are the people who will be the millionaires of the next decade.